How to say so much with so little color

Fashion has been having a love story with the black-white-grey combo for years now. With or without the addition of other accents of color, it’s a combination that always exudes true elegance.
The new Alvas collection will make you fall in love with this color trio all over again. We curated items that are versatile thanks to the use of different fabrics and textures like leather, velvet, or the oh-so-popular faux fur, alongside prints like black and white houndstooth that add another layer of interest. This color palette is a simple one, but not limiting whatsoever.
The accessories also join the party and offer more options for a rich monochromatic look. By mix and matching from the collection you can create a full look with one color only, but every item will bring something different to create a look that is exciting and full of details. You could also wear all three – a white flowy dress with black shoes and a grey cardigan will add up to a look that is both casual and elegant. Add a touch of minimal jewelry to complete this look.

 —————- How to say so much with so little color —————-