Welcome to the Internet Fashion venture, the innovative and international ALVAS site which is available at THEALVAS.COM Website.

The Website is an online fashion store where it is possible to purchase designer clothes, shoes and unique accessories that the owner of the Website has chosen especially for you from a variety of Israeli and International designers.

The Statute applies equally to both sexes.

  1. Definitions:
    In the Statutes:

    1. “The Company”: Shlomit Alvas, Registered Co. No. 032952129
    2. “The Website”: THEALVAS.COM (
    3. “Fashion Items” and/or “Fashion Item”:Clothes, shoes, accessories, the items for sale on the Website
    4. “The User/The Customer”: The person who surfs or visits the Website and/or effectively purchases a Fashion Item
    5. “A Member of the Website”: A customer who has registered their personal details on the Website for the purpose of purchasing the offered Fashion Items
  2. General Conditions:
    The use of the Website, its content and services that are provided therein, are offered on the acceptance of the conditions that are listed in the Statutes.

    1. The Website Management will be pleased to be at your service directly via email at the address . However, if you have not received a reply by email, kindly send us your telephone number and we shall arrange for a customer service representative of the Company to contact you as soon as possible.
    2. These Statutes summarize the contractual Agreement between the parties and regulate the conditions between the Company and the customer(s).
    3. The Website Management will take the liberty from time to time to update the Statutes according to its exclusive discretion without advanced notice.
    4. It is forbidden to use the Website for any illegal or unlawful purposes.
    5. The use of the Website by any person represents a consent without any limit or reservation of its conditions, and the person using the Website, including the purchasing from the Website, thereby agrees that they will not have any demands or claims against the Website, and/or the Management of the Website, and/or the Company, in respect of the conditions of these Statutes.
    6. It is hereby clarified that whatever use of the Website by any instrument of communication, i.e. computer/laptop, cellular phone, tablet or similar, will be subject to the conditions of use and the undertakings and declarations that are specified in the Statutes.
    7. The prices of the Fashion Items marketed on the Website are priced in New Israeli Shekels, and include VAT, as specified by law and do not include shipping costs (hereinafter “prices of the Fashion Items”).It is hereby clarified that purchases of Fashion Items that are acquired outside the borders of Israel, the pricing of the Fashion Item will be converted to U.S. Dollars and the exchange rate of the American Dollar will be according to the exchange rate valid at the time of the confirmation of the sale by the credit card company.It is hereby clarified that the Company and/or the Website will not be responsible in any way connected to the exchange rate of the price of the Fashion Item, either by the credit card company or the bank involved in foreign exchange.
    8. The purchases that are affected via the Website will be documented by computer records of the Company and these records alone will be evidence of the validity of the purchase and its particulars.
    9. The Fashion Items that are offered for sale on the Website are presented in the form of pictures. These pictures are for the purpose of illustration only and they do not bind the Company or the Website in any way.
    10. The Company is not obliged to keep in stock any Fashion Item that is offered on the Website and is entitled to present Fashion Items that are currently out of stock.
    11. The Company will do its best to present the contents and their exact details on the Website. However, in case there happens to be errors or inaccuracies that were made in good faith by the Company, the Company should not be held responsible for any damages that will be incurred by the use of the Website.
    12. The Company has the prerogative to change or update the prices of the Fashion Items offered on the Website and the cost of shipping at any time and without advanced notification. The price that the customer will be charged will be the price that is advertised on the Website at the time of entering the customer’s details when effecting payment.In order to clear any doubt, in the case that the customer has not concluded entering the details of the payment, and the price of the Fashion Item has been updated at that time, the customer will be charged the price that has been updated.
    13. The Company has the prerogative to advertise sales and discounts for Fashion Items at any time, to update them or cancel them, according to the Company’s exclusive discretion and the user of the Website will not have any claim or demand from the Company or the Website.
    14. It is the intention of the Company that the Website and its services be available at all times. However, the Company is not able to commit to continuous availability of the Website without temporary interruptions or disconnections. In addition, the company is entitled to suspend the use of the Website for purpose of servicing or reorganization. There will be no financial compensation/refund granted in the case of temporary interruptions or disconnections in the service.
    15. All intellectual properties and copyrights connected to the Website are the property of the Company.
    16. The Company is not responsible for the content of advertisements, “banners” or any other promotional information on the Website. The advertisers of the above are solely responsible.
    17. The existence of links to other websites do not represent a guarantee to the contents of these websites as to their reliability, veracity, completeness or otherwise.
    18. The Statutes are subject to the Israeli legal system. The venue for any legal debates regarding the Statutes will be under the jurisdiction of the relevant Court of Law in Tel Aviv.
  3. Conditions for Purchasing the Services on the Website:
    1. The customer who has completed filling in his details as required and has registered as a member of the Website, is entitled to carry out purchases on the Website at the advertised prices on the Website. It should be clarified that a precondition for the completion of the order is the full provision of all the details that appear on the order form for the item(s).
    2. However, a customer can order Fashion Items on the Website as a guest without having to register and in this case as well, the Statutes will apply to the customer’s commitment with the Company/Website.
    3. It is the Customer’s responsibility to provide complete required details for the handling of the order, including:
      1. Details of the address
      2. Complete and updated details of the credit card
      3. Name of the purchaser
    4. The Company is not required to handle an order that was placed with an incorrect address and it is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure the correctness of the details that are provided to the Company. Furthermore, in the event that the customer has provided an incorrect address in the order, and as a result the Fashion Item is returned to the Company’s offices, the customer will be charged for the additional shipping and handling of the order.
    5. The Company has the right to refuse to handle a customer’s order at its own discretion in the following cases, but not only.
      • A customer who has deliberately provided inaccurate details in the order
      • A customer who has committed an act or omission that may cause damages to the Company and/or Website, and/or a third party
      • A customer who uses the Website for illegal activities under Israeli law
      • A customer who has violated the Conditions of the Statutes
      • A customer who owes monies to the Company beyond the date of payment
      • A customer whose credit card is not valid due its being blocked or some other restriction
    6. Customers are permitted to place orders for items online on the Website. In order to do so an item must be chosen on the Website that the customer wishes to order and added to the customer’s Purchasing Basket on the Website. At each stage of the purchasing process the customer may visit the Purchasing Basket and check the item chosen and add or delete it.The Company and/or the Website have the right to send a reminder to the customer via the email that was provided regarding the items that are deposited in the customer’s Purchase Basket which have not yet been purchased.
    7. When the final choice of the items has been made, continue to the secure payment screen on the Website in order to complete the purchase.
    8. Purchases may be completed via the website PAYPAL and/or an account should be opened in PAYPAL through our Website (subject to the Purchasing Policy in the PAYPAL website), by the use of the credit card in the customer’s possession. The Company accepts all credit cards, excluding Diners.To clarify, an order for a Fashion Item that has been placed through PAYPAL will be approved only after receipt of PAYPAL payment confirmation.
    9. Upon completion of the payment, an order number will be supplied that will be sent to the email which was entered on the Website and this order number can assist in tracking the progress of the order.It should be noted that due to the fact that the items displayed for sale on the Website are supplied by third parties that are not under the control of our Company, orders will only be approved after the Company ensures that the item ordered does exist in stock. Additionally, after receipt of approval from the clearance company on the details of the payment that were entered for completion of the order, the order will be processed.
    10. In the event that the order that was entered into the system will not be approved by the credit card company, and/or PAYPAL, or after learning that the item is out of stock, advice will be sent by email (according to the mail address that was entered in the Website). The customer will be asked to contact the Customer Service Department via the address in order to arrange payment and/or exchange the item that was chosen, and/or cancel the order.Assuming that the customer has chosen not to contact the Website within 7 days of receipt of notice that the purchase cannot be completed, the order will be cancelled and removed from the system.
    11. Only the records that appear in the Website and/or notices that were received by the user regarding actions taken in it, will constitute as evidence to the correctness of the action, and/or providing information, and/or completion of, and/or cancellation of the order.
  4. Warranty:
    1. It is to be clarified that the responsibility of the Company in providing services is limited: All Fashion Items offered in the Website are supplied “as is” and “as available” and the use of the Fashion Item that is supplied by the Company is under the customer’s sole responsibility.
    2. Customers are hereby obliged to compensate the Company, the operators of the Website, its employees, its agents, its representatives, its suppliers and all suppliers of third party content against any claim or damage, including cost of legal counsel, caused by infringement of this Agreement and connected to the customer’s account in the Website, or any other person that has access to the service, via the customer’s account.
    3. The use of the Website will be under the responsibility of the user only, and the Company, the Website and its operators will not carry any responsibility for any damages, direct or indirect, or injury of any kind inflicted on the user as a result of using the Website not in accordance to these Statutes. In any event, the Company will not be responsible for damages that exceed the cost of the specific purchase that the customer made on the Website.
    4. In any event, if a printing error occurs on the Website, no such error will imply any responsibility on the Company.
    5. The use of the Fashion Item is under the sole responsibility of the Manufacturer and the Company will not carry any responsibility for the way that the customer will put the Fashion Item to use that is not in accordance with the Manufacturer’s instructions.
    6. The Company will make every effort to supply quality Fashion Items according to the time limit and mode of delivery. However, should the customer be interested to make a complaint, they should contact the Customer Service Department of the Website and the Company will make every endeavor to provide the customer with a satisfactory response, as far as possible, under the circumstances.
  5. Supply of Items:
    1. The date supply of the items, as specified on the page of the sale, is calculated per working days (Sunday till Thursday, not including Friday and Saturday), are counted from the day of receipt of the transaction that is given by the customer’s credit card company.
    2. The Company does its best to make the earliest possible delivery and/or to meet the customer’s needs, and that being subject to the policy of the delivery services and the Israel Post.
    3. The supply of the Fashion Items to the customer’s address, and/or to the nearest branch of the Post Office, and/or any other place, and/or any other way, will be coordinated with the customer, and all that in consideration and subject to the conditions of supply by the suppliers of the Fashion Items and/or the delivery services chosen by the Company.
    4. It is hereby clarified that in case it is not within the ability of the suppliers and/or the delivery services specified by the Company, to deliver to the customer’s home and/or the nearest branch of the Post Office, for any reason, including the location of the customer’s home, the owner of the Website will advise the customer as to the cancellation of the transaction, and/or enable the customer to collect the Fashion Item from an alternate address to be advised to the customer.
  6. The Company’s Policy Regarding Cancellation of Orders:
    1. The cancellation of orders will be in accordance with the Israeli Consumer Protection Law dated 1981 (hereinafter: “Consumer Protection Law”) and that commencing on the day of the effective execution of the order and its confirmation until 14 working days from the day of receipt of the order in the customer’s home, or in the case that the customer collects the order from the moment of its effective receipt by the customer (hereinafter: “Period of Cancellation”).It should be clarified that a customer who purchased the Fashion Item in a sale, at a reduced price, will be able to cancel the order and return the item to the Company within 7 working days, calculated from the day of the effective date of the order.
    2. It is hereby clarified that cancellation of the order and the return of the Fashion Item to the Website is conditional on the return of the item in its original packaging with the label attached to the item with the plastic fastener, exactly as it was sent to the customer, and without any defect. It should be returned by registered mail, or courier service, as per the customer’s choice and on his account. The Company reserves the right, at its exclusive and final discretion, regarding the physical state of the Fashion Item that was returned.For the sake of exclusion of doubt, it should be clarified that each and every item that is sent to the customer, passes a strict quality control procedure.
    3. Cancellation of an order has to be executed by a written notification to the Company via email at and should be within the Period of Cancellation.
    4. In accordance with the Consumer Protection Law, in the event that the customer requests to cancel the order, except for reasons of defect in the Fashion Item, and/or receipt of a different item from the one that was chosen, the Company is entitled to collect a cancellation fee at the rate of 5% of the price of the item that was purchased, or NIS100, the lower of the two, in the event that the order sent to the Company is cancelled.
    5. It is hereby clarified that the return of monies in lieu of the cancellation of the order, as per the conditions stipulated above, will be returned only to the means of payment that was used to order the Fashion Item and according to the accepted period of credit of the various credit card companies and after receipt of the Fashion Item at the address given in section 6/h below.
    6. It is further clarified that a customer who paid for the order using a Direct pre-paid credit card will not be able to receive refund of monies for the cancellation of the order. Instead, the customer will be entitled only to receive credit on the Website.
    7. In the event that the cancellation of the order is received before shipment to the customer, then the monetary refund will also include the payment for the shipping. However, if the cancellation of the order was requested after the shipment of the Fashion Item to the customer, then the cost of shipping will be deducted from the credited amount given to the customer.
    8. The return of the item to the Website will be made via Israel Post, using any of their services, to the address 31, Gefen Street, Kiryat Ekron 769200, together with the original invoice issued with the item.
  7. The Policy of the Company Regarding Exchanges:
    1. How to return a Fashion Item?
      1. The return of Fashion Items will be via registered mail to the Company’s address that appears in paragraph 2 below
      2. The Company’s address for returns:
        31, Gefen Street, Kiryat Ekron 7692000, Israel.
    2. The time period for returning Fashion Items –
      • Customers from Israel – 14 days from the time of receipt of the order
      • Customers from outside of Israel – 28 days from the time of receipt of the order
    3. Conditions for exchanging Fashion Items –
      1. The exchange of Fashion Items will be effected only for two reasons:
        size or color of the same item.
      2. A customer who is interested to exchange a Fashion Item for one of the reasons as mentioned in paragraph 1 above, has to send the Company a notification by email describing the request before sending the item back to the Company. The Company will check if the item which the customer requested is in fact in stock and available for exchange. Should the item not be in stock, the customer has to return the item to the offices of the Company and after its receipt in the offices of the Company a credit will be issued according to the rules described in these Statutes for the purchase. However, if the item is in stock, the customer has to send the item that he wishes to exchange to the offices of the Company and upon its receipt the Company will send the customer the requested item.
      3. It is hereby clarified that the exchange of the order and the return of the Fashion Item to the Website is conditional on the item being in its original packaging and the label attached to the item with the plastic fastener, exactly as it was originally sent to the customer without any defect.
      4. Customers outside of Israel – Please Pay Attention! The Website cannot offer a customer outside of Israel the option of exchanging an item. Therefore, a customer that lives outside of Israel who wishes to exchange a Fashion Item, due to one of the reasons cited in paragraph 7(c)(1) above, has to return the Fashion Item to the address of the Company and the Company will then credit the customer for the purchase, following which the customer will be able to renew the purchase of the item on the Website.
  8. Cancellation of Membership and/or Use of the Website:The Managers of the Website have the exclusive and absolute right to prevent use of the Website and that according to their exclusive and absolute discretion without having to account for and/or give advance notice should they decide that Website is being used unfairly, used illegally, used for the purpose of criminal activity and/or neglect that would harm the other users of the Website, providing erroneous and/or fictitious information and for whatever other reason which may be.
  9. The Supply of the Fashion Item and the Delivery to the home of the Customer:
    1. The Fashion Item will be supplied to the customer through the services of Israel Post in the framework of times of delivery as detailed in Sales page on the Website.
    2. The cost of the shipment will appear at the final stage of the purchasing process, underneath the items that the customer chose to purchase, and will be charged at the time of payment for the order. In case of payment in installments, it is possible that the cost of the shipment will be charged with the first installment.
    3. Shipments in Israel will be implemented as per the customer’s choice of one of the two services provided by the Israel Post:Registered Post – The time of arrival of the shipment of the Fashion Items depends on the schedules of the Israel Post and the Company has no responsibility in the matter. However, according to the procedures of Israel Post, a parcel that is sent by registered mail will reach its destination, at the latest within 14 working days.Courier Service – According to the commitments of Israel Post, the delivery of a parcel with this service will be coordinated by prior appointment with the customer within 3 working days. It is hereby clarified that the courier service cannot execute deliveries to far off settlements such as settlements in the Arava, Eilat, settlements beyond the Green Line and settlements on the Golan Heights, in which case the package will be sent by registered mail.
    4. The Company is not responsible for times of delivery as guaranteed by Israel Post.
    5. The Company undertakes to transfer every order of the customer for shipment by one of the two shipping services that are listed in paragraph 9(c) above, and at any event, subject to the purchasing process being completed, including but not exclusive, of the transaction confirmation by the credit card company.
    6. Shipments to Customers Outside of Israel
      1. Shipment costs to overseas customers:
        1. The shipment costs are dependent on the country of destination.
        2. It is possible that in the country of destination an import fee may be charged.
        3. In accordance with international law, the Company ships the order with an invoice attached, indicating the value of the purchase in US Dollars.
      2. Shipment schedule:
        1. The shipments will be dispatched from the Company in Israel on days Sunday to Thursday between the hours of 09:00-17:30.
        2. The shipments will be dispatched within 2 working days from the time that the transaction is confirmed by the credit card company.
        3. The orders that were placed on days Friday and Saturday will be considered as being placed on Sunday.
        4. The Company uses the services of EMS EXPRESS for overseas shipments (from hereinafter: “The Shipping Company”) and does not ship to a post office box address.
        5. The Company will not be responsible for delays in shipments for any reason that is not in the control of the Company.
      3. Tracking of shipments:
        1. Once the order on the Website is completed, the customer will receive an email from the Company indicating a tracking number for the shipment and a direct link in order to follow the status of the shipment.
        2. In the event of delays in customs, the customer will be notified either by the Shipping Company, or by the Company.
      4. Returning Fashion Items:
        1. Fashion Items should be returned within 28 days from the date of placing of the order, to be sent by registered mail to the address listed in paragraph 2 below.
        2. The Company’s address for returning Fashion Items:
          31, Hagefen Street, Kiryat Ekron, Israel 7692000.
      5. Insurance:
        1. The Company insures the customer’s order from the date of dispatch until its arrival to the customer’s address.
        2. The Customer who receives the shipment has to sign a receipt and the signature cancels all responsibilities of the Company for the order from this moment on.
        3. A customer that places an order on the Website for a Fashion Item for another person and have it sent to that person’s address (for example, as a gift), the signature of the recipient as per the customer’s instructions will be evidence to the fact that the order has reached its destination and in this case the signature cancels all responsibilities of the Company for the order from this moment on.
      6. Important Information:
        1. Prior to shipping the order it is possible that the Company will check details of the customer with their credit card company and the Company will make every effort to make sure that the check-up will not take too long.
        2. The Company will transfer the order to the shipping company within 2 working days from the time of confirmation of the transaction by the credit card company. During the period of SALES, it is possible that the transfer of the order to the shipping company will take longer, possibly up to 3 days.
  10. Mailing:
    1. A customer who registers on the Website receives an offer of enrollment in the official mailing list of the Website. The customer is entitled to agree or refuse to receive mailings, subject to Section 30(a) (Transmission of an Advertisement through a Telecommunication Facility) of the Communications Law (Telecommunications and Broadcasting) 5743-1982.
    2. Should the customer agree to receive the mailings at the time of registration and later wishes to remove their name from the mailing list, all they have to do is to act according to the link at the bottom of the page of the received mailing.
    3. The customer should note that there are two different mailing lists on the Website. The first is the official mailing list of the Website and the second mailing list is a personal one for each customer, updating their personal details for each customer individually. Therefore, when the customer wishes to be removed from the mailing list, they have to make sure that they are deleted from both lists.
  11. Force Majeure:
    Notwithstanding, as stated in these Statutes, the Company and/or the Website will not be responsible for any delay in the execution and/or non-completion of their commitments, as per the Statutes, all of them or any part of them, if the delay and/or non-completion are the result of Force Majeure.In these Statutes the “Force Majeure” means – (from the French Law “A Superior Force”) an event or effect that can be neither anticipated nor controlled that is not within the control of the Company or the Website, for example: malfunctioning of the computer system, natural disasters, strikes, communication malfunctions, and errors in electronic mail, etc.
  12. Copyrights:
    1. All copyrights and intellectual properties connected to the Website are owned by the Company.
    2. The Website and the information contained therein, including design of the Website, sketches and drawings, illustrations, pictures, photographs, video clips, graphics and so forth, are all properties belonging to the Company and/or third parties that are presented on the Website, are protected by Copyright Laws in the State of Israel, International Agreements and Copyright Laws in other countries.
    3. It is forbidden to copy, fax, distribute, present, duplicate, create derivative works to introduce changes, or to sell any part of the content included in the Website without the written and explicit prior consent of the Company.
    4. It is forbidden to copy and/or duplicate and/or distribute and/or advertise and/or use the content presented on the Website and/or execute on them any action, directly or indirectly, that will constitute an infringement of the intellectual properties of the Company, unless the Company has given its prior explicit permission in writing.
    5. The name ALVAS and the domain name of the Website are Trademarks of the Company, whether they are registered or not, and it is forbidden to use them in any way unless the Company has given its prior explicit permission in writing.
  13. Information Security:
    1. The Company performs transactions on the Website under conditions of absolute secrecy and privacy of the data. The data which is entered on the Website by the customers is used by the Website only for providing service and the Company does not keep or save the details of the credit cards in the system.
    2. The Company utilizes the highest standards of computer security available in order to secure, as far as possible, the confidentiality of the information and the privacy of the customers. The Company utilizes the services of TRANZILA for the purposes of checking information security. TRANZILA is a leading company in Israel which provides online credit card processing and is an online payment gateway for secure Internet Transaction Processing. TRANZILA adheres to the stringent Standards and Computer Security Procedures according to the requirements of credit card companies, Data Security Standard PCI Level 1.The stringent Security Standards on the Website are intended to protect the consumers, the suppliers and the credit card companies. Introducing PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) substantially increases the level of security and therefore promotes confidence in customers to make payments online using credit cards. The Website is protected by SSL Protocol (Secure Sockets Layer) which is standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server (the internet server that stores the web pages) and the browser (the customer). This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and the browsers remain private and integral. This means that the guaranteed “security” is encrypted information. The encryption is a system of “mixing” data to be transmitted and is aimed to distract the answering parties via two parameters. The sender encrypts the information and the receiver decrypts it. The system of encryption is based on a mathematical function and what is special about this system (such as the RSA public key encryption technology) it is enough to use one cryptographic key on the side of the customer in order to encrypt the data but to decrypt it at the receiving end two keys are required.
    3. The Company hereby declares that the customer’s details which are entered into the Website will not be surrendered unless a Court order has been issued, in accordance with rules of criminal procedure, and/or in accordance with suspicions of illegal use of the Website, and/or in accordance with Court procedures that are conducted in connection with the customer’s activities on the Website, and/or for the needs of the Company’s’ activities.
    4. The customer who completes the registration form does thereby agree to the Company using his information for marketing and advertising purposes of the Website, in all the media that was given in the enrollment form, including cookies and the customer will not have any claim as to the damage to his privacy in this matter.
    5. A customer who registers on the Website hereby declares that he understands that he has no legal obligation to provide his personal details and that all information provided was given with his consent and free will and the use of this information by the Company, as stated in these Statutes, will not represent harm to his privacy and therefore will not be entitled to any compensation or benefit in this matter.
    6. A customer who wishes to have the Company delete the personal details from the data banks of the Website, has to send an email to the address and the Company will act according to the customer’s instructions.
  14. Changes in the Statutes:

    The Website and its Operators reserve the right to change the conditions of use as above, at any time, and without giving advanced notice.


If you do not agree with any of the conditions of these Statutes, current and/or new ones, you must avoid using the Website and the services therein.