The only fitting room I have been lately is at home. Sometimes it’s in the living room, and even the stairway, if its a quick shoe fitting.

I honestly don’t remember the last time I tried something in a real fitting room. (Who has the energy for it ?)


I wonder, if you are as excited as I am when you get a package over the mail. Even if you already know exactly what’s inside, since you chose it.


Although online shopping isn’t a new player in the consumer world, for me it is. I’m really “old school” when it comes to the media revolution. I privilege a print magazine, an old paper book and a pencil over a keyboard. You understand my surprise when I was conquered.


Questions like: “how will I buy something I haven’t touched?” or “what if I’m unsatisfied?” are being replaced by the time I saved, the absence of driving, avoiding traffic, finding a parking spot, as well as interaction with a salesperson during a fitting session.


In addition of all these essential points, smart buying is a key player. When shopping online you buy exactly what you are looking for. While in brick and mortar store, we are always tempted to buy something we dont need.


Real stores aren’t going anywhere though. It’s quite the opposite. The online shopping experience is making us smarter shoppers, more exposed to trends, new voices and opinions.


Hodaya Benaym