The Supply of the Fashion Item and the Delivery to the home of the Customer:

  1. The Fashion Item will be supplied to the customer through the services of Israel Post in the framework of times of delivery as detailed in Sales page on the Website.
  2. The cost of the shipment will appear at the final stage of the purchasing process, underneath the items that the customer chose to purchase, and will be charged at the time of payment for the order. In case of payment in installments, it is possible that the cost of the shipment will be charged with the first installment.
  3. Shipments in Israel will be implemented as per the customer’s choice of one of the two services provided by the Israel Post:

    Registered Post – The time of arrival of the shipment of the Fashion Items depends on the schedules of the Israel Post and the Company has no responsibility in the matter. However, according to the procedures of Israel Post, a parcel that is sent by registered mail will reach its destination, at the latest within 14 working days.

    Courier Service – According to the commitments of Israel Post, the delivery of a parcel with this service will be coordinated by prior appointment with the customer within 3 working days. It is hereby clarified that the courier service cannot execute deliveries to far off settlements such as settlements in the Arava, Eilat, settlements beyond the Green Line and settlements on the Golan Heights, in which case the package will be sent by registered mail.

  4. The Company is not responsible for times of delivery as guaranteed by Israel Post.
  5. The Company undertakes to transfer every order of the customer for shipment by one of the two shipping services that are listed in paragraph 9(c) above, and at any event, subject to the purchasing process being completed, including but not exclusive, of the transaction confirmation by the credit card company.
  6. Shipments to Customers Outside of Israel
    1. Shipment costs to overseas customers:
      1. The shipment costs are dependent on the country of destination.
      2. It is possible that in the country of destination an import fee may be charged.
      3. In accordance with international law, the Company ships the order with an invoice attached, indicating the value of the purchase in US Dollars.
    2. Shipment schedule:
      1. The shipments will be dispatched from the Company in Israel on days Sunday to Thursday between the hours of 09:00-17:30.
      2. The shipments will be dispatched within 2 working days from the time that the transaction is confirmed by the credit card company.
      3. The orders that were placed on days Friday and Saturday will be considered as being placed on Sunday.
      4. The Company uses the services of EMS EXPRESS for overseas shipments (from hereinafter: “The Shipping Company”) and does not ship to a post office box address.
      5. The Company will not be responsible for delays in shipments for any reason that is not in the control of the Company.
    3. Tracking of shipments:
      1. Once the order on the Website is completed, the customer will receive an email from the Company indicating a tracking number for the shipment and a direct link in order to follow the status of the shipment.
      2. In the event of delays in customs, the customer will be notified either by the Shipping Company, or by the Company.
    4. Returning Fashion Items:
      1. Fashion Items should be returned within 28 days from the date of placing of the order, to be sent by registered mail to the address listed in paragraph 2 below.
      2. The Company’s address for returning Fashion Items:
        31, Hagefen Street, Kiryat Ekron, Israel 7692000.
    5. Insurance:
      1. The Company insures the customer’s order from the date of dispatch until its arrival to the customer’s address.
      2. The Customer who receives the shipment has to sign a receipt and the signature cancels all responsibilities of the Company for the order from this moment on.
      3. A customer that places an order on the Website for a Fashion Item for another person and have it sent to that person’s address (for example, as a gift), the signature of the recipient as per the customer’s instructions will be evidence to the fact that the order has reached its destination and in this case the signature cancels all responsibilities of the Company for the order from this moment on.
    6. Important Information:
      1. Prior to shipping the order it is possible that the Company will check details of the customer with their credit card company and the Company will make every effort to make sure that the check-up will not take too long.
      2. The Company will transfer the order to the shipping company within 2 working days from the time of confirmation of the transaction by the credit card company. During the period of SALES, it is possible that the transfer of the order to the shipping company will take longer, possibly up to 3 days.