Let’s start from the very beginning, fashion is fun. We need to enjoy it as much as we can, no need for too much serious assumptions here. What’s coming today in fashion can be irrelevant tomorrow.

Today’s generation rules are broken. What was trending for decades is now, in the 21st century the combinations of yesterday’s trends all together. This craziness is allowing us to break the rules.

These rules don’t have to be radically broken but they can give us creative freedom. Combining gown dress with sport shoes, sportswear with high heels or mixing prints, shapes and colors – which used to be taboo in certain circles – such as black and brown or blue and black.

In conclusion, when picking your next outfit, for work or for your night-out with friends, don’t serenade the obvious outfits and try new things. It’ll open you up to a new vision, creativity and will refresh thought process about fashion.

Good luck!

Hodaya Benaym