About Us

The fashion website, ALVAS, presents a cross-sectoral concept, in which style, beauty and modesty come together for a winning and timeless total look.

ALVAS brings a new point of view to the whole concept of modest fashion, while being well educated in both classic and up-to-date fashion trends. We put special attention to the process of hand picking the right items, with attention to comfort, quality and taste to match each customer's desires.

The modest fashion is considered to be a leading and quality trend in the fashion world. This modest style, that crosses all sectors, is an inspiration to many great designers worldwide, that design whole collections inspired by this trend.   


In ALVAS, we adopted this trend due to the understanding that when you dress in a modest way, you feel more! More safe, more feminine, more beautiful- more you.

Shlomit ziv-ALVAS, a veteran stylist that has many fashion productions in her resume, invites you to dress in a glamorous and modest way, and discover a whole new world of beauty, comfort, style and quality.